What Does Nuking Your Food Do? Microwaves and Cancer.

What does microwaving do to you? We don't have human studies because microwaving people isn't allowed. But we do know what happens to mice...


Dr. Oz Tells You The Best Vitamins.

The idea is that I have to go to Consumer Labs and sign up to get the information I need for my health.I went online and went looking for the same information. Look at that. Livestrong has the same information posted online, including the fact that Consumer Labs promotes long standing brands

This Just In: Starving Yourself Leads to Greater Weight Loss Than Just Dieting.

When we talk about dieting, we need to clarify our levels.  Generally, we need a certain amount of calories every day.  Even when you are lying on your couch eating, your body is slowly burning calories.  You can figure out how many by using a BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator. Now, my BMR is a lovely …