Dr. Oz’s #1 Belly Fat Burning Wonder Supplement! Magazine Hype?

Ok, after my week trying Safflower Oil, and my own trial of just celery and peanut butter I was ready for the newest Dr. Oz weight lossdiscovery.

Flax seed
Flax seed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And there it was, right in the grocery store check-out line.

Here’s the short answer for those who just can’t wait.  If Dr. Oz or anyone else truly comes up with a unique weight-loss idea, I’ll buy the magazine and bring it home.  I didn’t do that today.

So what was this miraculous substance that Harvard University researchers say melts body fatFlax seed.  But wait, there’s more.  If you’re stressed you add Chia seed.

It was a pretty impressive article, but the happy, happy people pictured who’d lost literally hundreds of pounds didn’t seem to realize that flax seed absorbs many times its weight in water.  Same with Chia seeds.  I looked for the neon warning:  DRINK ENORMOUS QUANTITIES OF WATER WITH THESE OR BECOME SAHARA DESERT STYLE CONSTIPATED.  I didn’t see it anywhere among the chirping testimonials.

So, where is the promised research on flax seeds and weight loss?  Not just research, research from Harvard University.  And specifically research that shows flax seeds drop abdominal fat.

Ok, I couldn’t find any claims about flax seed weight loss studies directly on Dr. Oz’s website.  I also couldn’t find any studies combining the  terms “flax” with “weight loss” on medline/Pubmed.  That’s not a good sign.  Harvard is usually pretty good about getting the word out about how awesome its researchers are.  I did a standard Google search for Harvard, Flax, and Weight Loss.  I’ve got a Harvard educated doctor talking about benefits of flax seeds, but  no specific weight loss claims.

So the magazine was lying?  I can only say I was unable to find any evidence of the magazine’s claim for a Harvard study on the reduction of abdominal fat by eating flax seed.  I’m certain if it exists a reader will enlighten me and I will correct this post.

I went the extra mile and looked up flax seed in general.  If you have Diabetes, ingesting ten grams of flax seed a day does really good things to your blood glucose and Hemoglobin A1C.  It’s a small study, but you could do worse.

Another study of forty grams of flax seed a day (they must have been drinking from a hose all day long) failed to find any benefit on the inflammatory markers that impact weight but a slight benefit in insulin response.

Bottom line?  I think seeds are great.  They are nice bulking agents that may decrease hunger, and that may lead to weight loss.  There are other good reasons to eat them instead of most of the standard American diet.  But I don’t think they are a fat burning wonder supplement.

Foreign seeds can be caught anywhere, includin...
Foreign seeds can be caught anywhere, including these harvested flax seeds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





13 Replies to “Dr. Oz’s #1 Belly Fat Burning Wonder Supplement! Magazine Hype?”

  1. I’m about to try this 2tbsp of flaxseed a day thing….and report to my friends if it works! I’m going to keep my exercise and diet about like it is…as I have about 10 lbs left to lose, esp belly fat…so we’ll see if it does what he claims! 🙂 What do I have to lose!

  2. That was a great piece of info…I take whatever Oz says to be the gospel and I did buy a huge bottle of Flax seeds. I never did find the right “dose” of the Safflour…would have had to down a whole cup of it to get the expected benefit.

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