Does Prostate Cancer Treatment Cause Dementia?

How can we tell what will worsen dementia? Dr. Christopher Maloney lays out the reality.


Is Melatonin Safe?

Short answer: yes. Longer answer: Nothing is perfectly safe. There is probably someone out there allergic to melatonin, and I'd be the last person to tell them they're not. With anything you're taking if you notice a dramatic change in how you feel, immediately suspect it.  Maybe the change is good (like antibiotics for bacterial …

Can A High School Test Predict If We Get Alzheimer’s?

Getting dementia and Alzheimer’s is a terrifying prospect. It can also be bankrupting if you require lengthy home or institutional care. So when the Washington Post published a story about a test predicting our risk of Alzheimer’s as far back as adolescence, I was intrigued.  A half a million kids took the test, so now …