Posted by: Chris Maloney | May 6, 2013

What Lifestyle Changes Each Add An Extra Year Of Life?


Meat (Photo credit: yum9me)

If you are a paleo person, you may want to skip this post. Just as they came out with a pro-paleo for pregnancy study (infertile women do better on paleo, but it may be the hormonal intake as much as the protein), the World Health Organization has stomped on paleo toes by coming out against meat -again.

Here are the things, according to the consensus report you can do to add life. Average increase in lifespan was 1.2 years per point. (The Huffington Post has the complete article, I’m just summarizing here).

1) Be as Lean as Possible Within the Normal Range of Body Weight. (Before you quit because this is impossible, keep reading.)

2) Be Physically Active as Part of Everyday Life

3) Limit the Consumption of Energy-Dense Foods and Avoid Sugary Drinks.

4) Eat Mostly Foods of Plant Origin (Were they channeling the China Diet or the Omnivore’s Dilemma?)

5) Limit the Intake of Red Meat and Avoid Processed Meat

6) Limit Alcoholic Drinks

7) Limit Consumption of Salt and Avoid Moldy Cereal Grains and Pulses

8) Aim to Meet Nutritional Needs Through Diet Alone (There goes the entire supplement industry).

Ok, that’s their summary.  I’d shorten it to:  eat plants and stay thin and active.  Don’t be a drunk or eat mold.

It doesn’t sound that hard, so why do most of us fail to follow these guidelines?


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