The Master Switch For Obesity?

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Well, I was pretty excited!  We found the master switch.  Just a matter of a few seconds before we can turn it off, right?

In this case the master switch is a locus area on the DNA of fat cells that sets off a cascade event in other areas and starts the whole obesity process.  But “we found an area of DNA that affects a bunch of other areas”  is not as sexy a title as “master switch.”  Switches can be turned off.  It is highly unlikely that we’ll be plucking out a chunk of our DNA anytime soon.  

Here’s the exciting article from Right  They got it from Medline plus.  Here’s the original abstract from medline, which is a lot less sexy.  And here is another relevant article (you can read the whole thing for free, which is a sure cure for insomnia).  I’ll quote the title so you get a sense that, no, we won’t be “turning off” our fat genes anytime soon:  “Forty-three loci associated with plasma lipoprotein size, concentration, and cholesterol content in genome-wide analysis.”  Yep, that’s a lot of genes.  Even though we’ve got one of the major players, it’s likely the others have some impact on obesity. 


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