P90X: How the Fit become Fitter.

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Well, when a fitness program has reached immortalization in pop songs (the Lazy Day Song by Bruno Mars) and is the topic of political circles, I expect it has truly arrived. 

P90x, sold in late night infomercials, has made the cut.  This jumping, pull up laden workout is evidently a way that major politicos like Michelle Obama are blowing off steam. 

I’ve been aware of the program for years, especially since we have a family friend who swears by it.  He’s changed the look of his body and made himself really fit using it. 

Trouble is, he was basically a personal trainer to begin with. 

And there lies the rub.  P90x works for macho ex-jocks (with miraculously good knees) and former pilates instructors.  But for anyone with physical issues (like bad knees) the whole focus on working through the pain can be a ticket to rehab, not toned abs. 

So unless we get P90x lite (P4x?), this fitness craze is going to be limited for those already in shape to get more so. 


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