How One Small Town In NH Has Universal Healthcare.

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A big thanks to the wonderful commentors over at Quora for this story. 

Evidently we should all take a moment and realize that universal healthcare, that terrible contested issue, has been a reality in the U.S. for the last 80 years.  At least in one small town. 

The town hired three nurses.  The nurses provide care to the town’s residents at no cost.  End of complexity.  Grants pay for part of the cost, the town’s taxes pay for the rest.  How’s it working?  Great. 

NPR has the complete story.

It leads me to wonder?  Why is this all so complicated?  Why are doctors who contract directly with their patients derided as “boutique practices?”  Shouldn’t that be “traditional practices?”  If doctors contract directly with their patients there is no need for third party insurance except catastrophic.  Isn’t that what we want, patients taking direct care of themselves instead of relying on our dysfunctional safety net?  Let the traditional practices proliferate!

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