Posted by: Chris Maloney | March 9, 2015

Female Hormone Checklist

Many of my patients have requested a listing of things they can do that will positively affect female hormone imbalances. As I tell my patients, the issue is not that there isn’t anything you can do, it’s that there is so much that can affect hormones.

I would never recommend simply taking handfuls of pills. The goal with any treatment should be to taper up, taper down, and try one thing at a time.

Here’s a short list of some of the basics:

  1. Black cohash 2-4 caps
  2. GABA 2 caps daily
  3. Multivitamin with women’s herbs (Innate Formulas one a day)
  4. Meditation 20 minutes daily
  5. Diet Brown, whole, green and colorful, no caloric restriction, no fast food
  6. Detox one day a week (vegetable stew/salads)
  7. Red meat discussion (20% increase in testosterone in two hours)
  8. Dairy discussion (cow hormones still need processing by the body)
  9. Alcohol discussion (300% increase in estrogen due to processing delay)
  10. Teas raspberry, “Yoni,” female teas
  11. Cold packs for pain/hot flashes
  12. Progesterone creams
  13. Combination creams
  14. PhytoB (4 pellets twice a day = one half a standard hormonal dose)
  15. Licorice/Ashwaghanda mix
  16. Soy (SOYI9)four caps or half a cup of soy a day
  17. Sleep discussion (90 minute cycles)
  18. Cycle discussion (temperature readings/ journaling)
  19. Exercise (adrenal/ thyroid = worse/better) helps process hormones
  20. Bowel movements per day (LIQU8) if not at least one.
  21. Family history how to avoid/get what mom had.
  22. Vitex (VITEX), Chaste Tree-one a day.
  23. Weight changes (gain or loss) alter hormonal picture
  24. Folic acid 5 mg a day (Gynecol Endocrinol. 2010 Sep;26(9):658-62.)
  25. Tyrosine 500mg a day (Actas Urol Esp. 2009 Apr;33(4):337-43.)
  26. 5 HTP 50-600mg a day (Serotonin involvement)


  1. Are you saying that feeling worse from exercise is related to adrenals and feeling better from exercise is related to thyroid?

  2. Generally, yes. While more movement increases the flow of thyroid hormones in the body, the same exercise can worsen adrenal problems. This is most commonly seen in over training for athletes, but can apply to anyone.

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