How Common Is Anaphylactic Shock From The Flu Shot?

Short answer: very, very rare. Longer answer: not as rare as we'd like.


Influenza Vaccination: Why Grampa Should Hold Off Until October To Get One.

So this year's influenza recommendations are out, with a couple of surprises. First, everyone should get one, BUT kids under two should NOT get the live version. Nor should anyone over 49. I'm not sure why a fifty-year-old is suddenly less immune, but that's the guideline. "The recommendations note that a statistically significant decrease in antibody …

Polio Outbreak In Nigeria: Due To Oral Vaccination? Again?

In the news, crazy vaccine resisting Muslims are killing their children with Polio. Oops, nobody died, but they make it sound like they are from all this resisting. Oh, except back in 2007 the Nigerian epidemic was " a rare outbreak of a vaccine-derived form of polio in northern Nigeria

South Park Mocks Aspergers and Vaccine Fears.

We've also chosen not to vaccinate for tuberculosis because we'd rather monitor that disease's progression in our immigrant populations. So when individual parents have concerns about side effects, it doesn't work to "just say no."

Shingles Vaccine: Should You Get One?

it's expensive, and shingles isn't that common. Still, if it does happen it would be extremely painful. And there's that post-neuralgia thing. Yeah, the vaccine didn't seem to help with that.