Can A Miracle Exercise Really Take Off 7″ of Your Waist In Seven Days?

It's the same game those more risque magazines play with all their "50,000 Things He Really Wants." Yeah, good luck with most of those unless you happen to be a double-jointed Orangutan gymnast.

This Just In: Starving Yourself Leads to Greater Weight Loss Than Just Dieting.

When we talk about dieting, we need to clarify our levels.  Generally, we need a certain amount of calories every day.  Even when you are lying on your couch eating, your body is slowly burning calories.  You can figure out how many by using a BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator. Now, my BMR is a lovely …

Mayo Clinic Still Isn’t Treating Weight Loss Correctly.

I like the Mayo Clinic. They do good complicated lab work, and they do it from a "satellite" Mayo clinic down in Massachusetts. Generally medically they are considered some of the best and the brightest. So when they address weight loss with the following, I get a little depressed.