The Colon Cancer Diet

“When you’re in pain and terrified of dying, you don’t want to read a long book full of statistics. My goal is to give patients four basic guidelines that will lower their chances of dying.

What Causes You To Die?

Sometimes it's hard to get a clear picture of what you can do to help yourself live longer. So let's look at how you can die faster and avoid those things.

Slaying the Skeptic Troll: A Primer

Like a skunk, the skeptic troll is best avoided. He sprays everything in his path with a sense of angry loathing, but will normally soon pass you by. But occasionally, like a skunk that has burrowed under your porch, the skeptic troll must be dealt with.

A Chocolate Famine?

We have to think about deficit spending on chocolate. For those of you who can still tolerate milk chocolate, it's time to tighten your chocolate belts and switch back.