Does Prostate Cancer Treatment Cause Dementia?

My local paper says it does. So does the New York Times.

They found that people treated with drugs for prostate cancer were more likely to develop dementia.

So does the treatment cause dementia? Maybe, maybe not.

The treatment also can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes, which both can also increase the risk of dementia. So the dementia could just be from those things.

What’s missing from the current treatment conversation is that having prostate cancer itself may increase your risk of getting dementia. So the drugs might be doing nothing at all.

And what’s missing from that discussion is that age itself is the overwhelming factor that leads to dementia. Nothing else comes close. So the most likely conclusion is that older men get prostate cancer. Older men also get dementia. So dementia and prostate cancer or prostate cancer treatment are just increasingly likely as we get older.

I’ve detailed much more about how we get dementia, why dementia isn’t even a good diagnosis anymore, and what to do about it in my new book, The Dementia Diet.

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