Lyme Questions For The Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine.

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I thought a somewhat humorous, somewhat terrifying quiz might be the best way to approach the question of living with Lyme in an endemic state like Maine. If you can’t make the presentation, I wanted to give you the questions. See how you do. (Hint: the answers are all in my books on Lyme.)

20 Questions About Lyme

Chris Maloney 207 623-1681

  1. Before it was called Lyme, Since at least 1909 it was called: erythema chronica migrans (ECM) B) the black plague C) Cooties.

2) The first person to get Lyme was probably: Ötzi the iceman B) a Plum Creek Defense lab tech C) a Lyme Literate doctor

3) You know you have Lyme if the following is true: five + genetic markers B) three + markers and a rash C) you live in Maine.

4) The difference between ILADS and the CDC is: if Chronic Lyme exists B) how you get it/testing C) ILADS docs wear kilts

5)  The best information we have on Chronic Lyme is: Doxycycline can help B) lots of antibiotics help C) in a vault under the CDC.

6) Lyme co-infections are: scary as heck B) found in the Caribbean and China C) not found in Aland, Finland

7) Antibiotic resistance in Lyme: is found in the round and spore forms B) around since 1992 C) is scary as heck

8) You can get Lyme from: one tick  B) three ticks C) mites, biting flies, mosquitoes, sex, pregnancy, and urine

9) Lyme autoimmunity: overlaps RA B) triggered by OspA  C) continues even if clean at a cell level of Lyme

10) The Jarius-Herxheimer reaction, which includes stroke as a possible side effect, is fromendotoxin release B) antibiotics/ mercury for Syphilis C) immune TNF (leukemia)

11) Going on the internet to research Lyme: leaves you poorer B) puts your health in the hands of trolls C) is good for a laugh

12) Lyme sufferers in chat rooms: love a good JHR B) have gotten better C) are better than nothing.

13) Cell wall deficient forms of Lyme are: responsible for all sorts of things B) not unique to Lyme C) weaker than persisters.

14) Stephen Buhner and Dr. Rawls: recommend the same treatment B) don’t agree C) form a contra dance band.

15) Desbio homeopathics for Lyme are: great. B) Should not be used like a vaccine C) can cause heart palpitations.

16) Babesia represents ____ of Chronic Lyme patients.

A) 1% B) 50% C) the class action lawsuit

17) In the Netherlands _____ bitten developed a rash.

A) Everyone B) one in sixty people C) only non- weed smokers

18) In Norway out of 8000 people who got bitten:

A) 300 people had more than a rash B) 80 needed more care C) 2x were older women.

19) What do stevia, anise, and Disulfuram (Antabuse) have in common? They make a sweet anti-cocktail. B) They are sold as men’s pills. C) They kill Lyme.

20) Where can you get my books?

  1. Amazon under Dr. Christopher Maloney
  2. Smashwords

Thank you for listening and spreading the word.

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