Seeing The Outback Vision Protocol Clearly.

Here’s the question: if something is amazingly successful, why does it need to saturate the airwaves with advertising?

That’s the problem with the Outback Vision Protocol, which was first sent to me by a patient. The extremely long infomercial-style presentation promised me that two marvelous supplements would cure very serious vision problems. My hearty presenter informed me that these supplements, with the addition of kangaroo meat, are what a keen-eyed group of soldiers use for superhuman vision. They cured his wife’s eye problems and they could cure mine.

Some of you already can see what’s coming. But if you’re one of the millions of people dealing with macular degeneration, you might keep reading and pull out your credit card. So let me save you the time. (Read more here).

2 Replies to “Seeing The Outback Vision Protocol Clearly.”

  1. Hi, id like to know if you could give me some information about dopamine sensitization by low dose of dopamine release agent like amph
    In some reddit i found that it should give more confidence and focus by rising the “sensibility” of “dopamine receptor”, but would give also the same negative effect of anti-psycotic (sleep problem, motor tic and irritability), so i guess they act in the same way?
    I post on reddit about it

  2. Any increase in dopamine, whether internally or from an external agent, might result in initial positive effects. But over time the body will produce fewer cell receptors to external dopamine, so you’ll lose your benefit over time. Commonly it takes about two weeks, and is part of why antidepressants can take up to two weeks to work (the drug is making a person desensitized to depressing brain compounds over time). As the benefit decreases, people tend to increase the dosage of the drug to get the same effect. That’s going to result in side effects like all the sleep and motor issues. The best way to avoid this cycle would be to vary the drug dosage, taking it only when needed and in the smallest dose possible. That would prolong the benefit. But it’s also possible to increase dopamine internally, as both gamblers and video game addicts are well aware. Having a series of small victories throughout the day can have the same effect as a drug.

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