Got Back Pain? Alternatives To Surgery

If you’ve ever had back pain in the past, there was an answer instead of surgery. Pain killers. Drugs powerful enough to block your pain. The popularity of opiods as painkillers has more than doubled the number of prescriptions in the past two decades according to the New York Times. But now that we have an opiod abuse epidemic, doctors are being told to back off opiods and give NSAIDS or other pain medications. But all these drugs can seriously damage body organs if taken in high doses over a long period.

As painkillers have become less in vogue, the New York Times reports researchers are starting to endorse alternatives. But they throw the entire world of alternatives into the same pot. As if mindfulness meditation and chiropractic are the same thing and would work for the same people.

Over the last two decades I’ve worked with many people who have chronic back pain. Usually they see me after the pain specialist, the surgeon, and the chiropractor. Then they come away without pain after a few treatments and wonder how it happened.

I’ve put my research and results into a new book, which combines the mental therapies of Dr. Sarno with stretching techniques like the Mackenzie Method. I add in a map of the back, showing where emotions come into play and where you can expect to create habitual physical responses. No, back pain isn’t in your head, but it’s affected by how you process stress. It can also show up as an unconscious habitual tightening that you may not be aware is even happening. Curious? It’s all spelled out in my short, simple book. If none of it works, I’ve included ten cheap treatments to try before surgery.

bookcoverforprtinyWhere can you get this magnificent book? I’ve made it as easy as I can.

For the print-only folks, there’s an Amazon print book.

For the kindle crowd, there’s a kindle version.

And for those of you who are Amazon-free, I’ve published with smashwords (with a free preview). They will distribute to all other independent ebook retailers (ibooks, Barnes& Noble, etc.)

I know I’ve left someone out, so I will also email you a copy of the book (tell me your favorite format) if you send me payment ($10.95) via paypal or even snail mail. Email me for more information at If you have friends truly off the grid, we can do the paper mail exchange (recycled, of course.

There, I’ve covered everyone.


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