Lithgow Library Reopens Today!

I’m so excited!  Our new expanded Lithgow Library, originally christened back in 1894, is going to reopen. Lithgow was where I took my infant son when we needed a place for nap time. He could sleep and I could consume books like the omnivorous reader I am.

How excited am I about Lithgow? I wrote a book to support the Library, full of historical figures like the Masons, James Blaine, and the two pennies hidden in Lithgow’s cornerstone. It’s a ghost story suitable for young children and anyone who like history.

To honor my grandfather, I listed Roy as the author, but the work is mine.

In honor of Lithgow reopening, I’ve dropped the price on two pennies to 5.95 (as low as Amazon will let me go) and the kindle price down to 0.99 cents. Go to Lithgow, read Two Pennies, and see if you can find the stained glass, the stacks, and the ghosts of masons past.



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