Would A Different Diet Have Given Paul Kalanithi Another Six Months?

Anyone who has read Dr. Paul Kalanithi’s When Breath Becomes Air can feel how deeply he loved his young daughter. I found myself wondering at the time if it was the right thing for him to have gone back to his residency. Could he have gotten a few more precious months?

I just read a report from a low carb diet site about a patient with brain cancer who got two years from a diet change. Perhaps Dr. Kalanithi could have gotten a few extra months by making the shift as soon as he found out about his metastatic cancer.

In my own research on colon cancer, which I published as The Colon Cancer Diet, I found that lowering sugar intake reduced cancer recurrence. While I make modest requests of other colon cancer folks, I myself have gone sugar-free.

Wouldn’t it be strange if, after fifty years of fighting the war on cancer, we were to find the simplest solution is a different diet?


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