Posted by: Chris Maloney | February 4, 2016

Has Zika Virus Always Been An STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)?

Since the confirmed case of Zika Virus passing through sex in Texas, the CDC has issued a warning to pregnant mothers to avoid unprotected sex. They include every possibility, including oral transmission of the virus. But despite that warning, it may not be enough. If Zika Virus can be transmitted in the saliva as well as the blood (and it is found in both fluids) then unprotected sex is only one route of possible transmission.

Previously, I wrote that Zika Virus had been confirmed transmitted sexually, so it is nice to see that reconfirmed again. I’m never sure why it has to be reconfirmed inside the United States before we issue warnings.

With the new confirmation, the old maps of Zika Virus transmission in Africa take on new meaning. Think about the transmission as coming from mosquitoes or humans. Those mosquitoes needed to do a lot of traveling to make those leaps, but humans move from location to location. Since we’ve known that Zika Virus is found in the blood and saliva of humans for years now, it seems clear human transmission has been going on all along.

I think the reality we must face is that a disease like the Zika Virus doesn’t really enter our consciousness in the U.S. until it arrives in the U.S. It’s like we imagine we have a border that resists viral infection as well as immigration. How many other viruses are ravaging other countries now that we’re not being told about because they haven’t yet shown up in the U.S.?

Update: I’ve done a great deal of further research, and written a short book about Zika. Please get the word out: Zika is an STD, and we need to start acting like it can be passed outside of the mosquito zones.

The Bare Essentials of Zika Virus by Dr. Christopher J Maloney N.D.
The Bare Essentials of Zika Virus
by Dr. Christopher J Maloney N.D.



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