Brewing the Perfect Cuppa: The Dynamics of the Perfect Cup of Black Tea.

In a busy world, it’s nice to know that some researchers have time to brew a cuppa for themselves. Of course, they have to ruin it by making it an experiment. With math!

Have a look at this tea equation: dcdt=k1(cc)2(1). That’s not a nice look for any poor cup of tea.

But we can all benefit from the hard work of researchers. Here are the results.

Say you’re in a hurry, so you grab a cup and dip your teabag in. You want the caffeine, but you don’t want to mess with the teabag later. So as soon as the color starts spreading in the cup, you dump the bag and race off to your meeting. Hold on Speedy!

Along with that teabag you just dumped your caffeine fix. According to the researchers, who had very consistent results, you need a minimum of two minutes of steeping time before you get your caffeine. Otherwise, all you get is colored water. The caffeine keeps coming in for a few more minutes, giving you a steep time of up to eight minutes. Isn’t eight minutes an entire “lunch hour” these days? But at least give your teabag two minutes to bask in that warm water before jettisoning it in the wastebasket.

There are a lot more reasons for drinking tea than the caffeine, and you can see that to get the maximum bang out of your bag eight minutes is really peak steeping time. All the benefits of tea will then be yours. Care to look at your benefit package in that slim little tea bag?

“polyphenols present in tea have shown a wide range of biological and pharmaceutical benefits, including prevention of cancer [10], obesity [11], type 2 diabetes [12], depressive symptoms [13] cardiovascular diseases and cerebral ischemic damage [14]. Further tea possesses insulin-enhancing [15], antioxidative [16], hypolipidemic [17], antimicrobial [18], immune-stimulatory[19], anti-inflammatory [20], neuroprotective [21] and bone mineralization enhancement activities[22].” (All cites from the original article here)

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