How Bad Is Lyme Disease? A 320% Increase since 1993.

Sometimes something like Lyme disease can sneak up on the medical field. When you work in medicine, it’s hard to know if your personal clinical experience matches the practices of those around you. I have felt that Lyme disease levels are getting ridiculous, but haven’t been able to talk to other practitioners about what they were seeing.

Now we have a picture of how bad it’s gotten. We’re talking a 320% increase in the number of high reporting counties. Those are reports of CDC clinically confirmed Lyme, not tick exposures or the more lenient IGenX confirmed Lyme.

Living in an endemic state known for its forests, I have also wondered if Maine suffers overly because of its increased deer populations. But we’re seeing high reporting counties in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This is an epidemic, spreading from year to year, and I haven’t heard any discussion of how to disrupt its spread or broaden treatment.

Image result for image lyme disease


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