How Much Do You Know About Your Microbiome?

Quick, answer these questions:

1) By how much do the bacteria in your gut outnumber the cells in your body?

2) By how much does the DNA available to the bacteria in your gut outnumber your own DNA?

3) Do the bacteria in your gut have direct effects on mood using the vagal nerve?

4) How many of the species of the bacteria in your gut are uniquely yours, not even shared with your identical twin who lives in the same house?

5) What does it take to sterilize an area of all bacteria?

6) Can you have a healthy gut once you’ve been through a series of antibiotics?

7) Do your bacteria interact with the drugs you are taking?

My new book!

If you knew the answers to all these  questions, then you’ll be interested in my new book: Tending Your Internal Garden (published for those patients who just needed to know now). If you didn’t know the answers to all those questions, and especially if you think they aren’t important, then you need to read this book. It’s short, and may change the way you view the area between your chest and your bottom.

I think this subject is so important I’ve started a separate blog called The Microbiome and Health. Very exciting new insights are coming out all the time, and I’ll be sharing those as I come across them.


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