Posted by: Chris Maloney | April 14, 2015

Have You Ever Had Alice In Wonderland Syndrome?

I read a lot of medical literature, and finding Alice In Wonderland Syndrome was a treat. The illness is described as: “bizarre perceptions of size and shapes of a patient’s body and illusions of changes in the forms, dimensions, and motions of objects.”

The total disturbance is described as a metamorphopsia, which can occur from imbalances in the brain. Lewis Carroll (really called Charles Dodgson) is thought to have possibly suffered from these during migraine attacks first documented in 1856. It would be fitting if the author was the first person diagnosed with Alice In Wonderland Syndrome.

More recently, a case of Alice In Wonderland Syndrome has been documented in a child with Lyme disease, which is a disturbing thought as we move into tick season in Maine.


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