Posted by: Chris Maloney | March 14, 2015

In Menopause, Every Cell Can Produce the Hormones It Needs?

What is Endocrinology?We have the illusion that different organs are the only places that produce hormones. But as we research further, it is clear that every active cell in the body is capable of producing hormones. How this occurs and what regulates production is less clear. But a recent study on menopause shows that females hormones are continuing to be produced inside the cells.

Having the cells create hormones at very low doses where they need them means that hormone levels circulating in the blood are much lower and the overall risks of cancers associated with those hormones are much less.

Since ” locally made sex steroids exert their action and are inactivated intracellularly” the researchers are talking about a different system. The external hormones are the endocrine system, the new system is called the indocrine system. So the question is, we have endocrinologists as a specialty already, how long until we have indocrinologists as well?


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