Posted by: Chris Maloney | November 18, 2014

Will Xocai Chocolate Help With Weight Loss?

A patient sent me the link to the youtube video for Xocai chocolate. There’s the standard run through of the diet, 1200 calories for women, 1500 for men. Meal replacement chocolate shakes. Pretty standard drill. Short term weight loss, long term weight regain with a little extra if you’re not careful.

Then they started touting their research study. Not only did people lose weight, everyone lost weight! No dropouts, no one with stomach upset from too many chocolate shakes. Great!

But it gets better. Dr. Kennedy gets on and tells us he’s never seen anything like this. Really? As a bariatric doctor who prescribes drugs for weight loss, massive weight loss should be his norm. If you prescribe amphetamines for people, they tend to drop off the pounds. When you look for Machiel N. Kennedy, M.D., he’s a family doctor, 68, with no reviews on Healthgrades. One of the Xocai sites says he’s now the cofounder of Harmonic Health, Inc., but that information only exists on Xocai sites. Harmonic Health, Inc. doesn’t have any web presence or references elsewhere. So I would assume Dr. Kennedy is promoting Xocai as a co-owner rather than as an outsider.

It’s the study that gets really interesting. Xocai chocolate is not only published for weight loss, it’s on the cover! Of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine. So why doesn’t Xocai chocolate show up on medline? And why doesn’t the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine show up on medline, or anywhere on the web? If you publish in a journal, I certainly hope that journal publishes other articles and more than one issue.

OK, let’s assume I just missed everything. I can’t type Xocai or chocolate or any of the titles correctly. Before I start on my chocolate shakes, I’d love to see another study (since the video was published in 2011) that is published in a way that it appears on medline. Because the current one exists on a cover, and a video, but not on pubmed.


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