A Chocolate Famine?

Suddenly the dry weather in the Ivory Coast and Ghana has a personal feel. And this fungal disease called frosty pod bothers me. The combination has affected cocoa production by 30 to 40%, according to Roberto Ferdman of the Washington Post.

The shortage only worsens a particularly personal deficit. Forget the national debt for the moment, think about the chocolate debt. “Last year, the world ate roughly 70,000 metric tons more cocoa than it produced.” And that’s a continuation of almost fifty years of deficit chocolate spending!

We have to think about deficit spending on chocolate. For those of you who can still tolerate milk chocolate, it’s time to tighten your chocolate belts and switch back. Conserve the dark chocolate for those of us who can’t tolerate milk. “the average chocolate bar contains about 10 percent, while dark chocolate often contains upwards of 70 percent.” No, I’m serious, I really can’t tolerate milk. It gives me eye blisters (ewww, eye blisters). Otherwise, you know I’d be right there with you in the milk chocolate line.

But we also need to have an international agreement on chocolate. The Chinese currently only eat about five percent of what the Europeans are chomping, but those numbers are rising. It’s time for the Mars meeting or the Hershey summit. Let’s see some international collaboration on this pending issue. Chocolate prices have already risen 60%, pushing chocolate out of the reach of those seated at the end of the economic couch. This is isn’t just about a famine, this is personal.

Tell me what you think!

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