Will Probiotics Protect Against Enterovirus 68?

In a really nice study, researchers confirmed what every parent already knows: that your preschooler is a teeming virus-catching wonder.

When studying the nasal secretions of preschoolers (which had to be the easiest study ever, just collect the trash bin at the end of an average day), researchers found a veritable cornucopia of viruses. “Rhinovirus was identified in 28.6% of 315 swab samples, followed by respiratory syncytial virus (12.4%), parainfluenza virus 1 (12.1%), enterovirus (8.9%), influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 (7.9%), human bocavirus 1 (3.8%), parainfluenza virus 2 (3.2%), adenovirus (2.9%), and influenza A(H3N2) (0.6%).” (study here)

In other words, a preschooler’s nose is one-stop-shopping for a CDC list of pandemic viruses. Notice there was not one, but two different influenza viruses present among our mix.

But the key finding was that, while their noses were chock full of viruses, these children weren’t dying. They had symptoms, but their bodies were handling it. And those children who took probiotics had statistically fewer days out sick than those who did not.

The probiotics did not make a bit of difference in how many viruses the children carried. The “probiotic intervention was not effective in reducing the amount of viral findings” while giving children fewer days of illness.

So what’s happening here? It’s the terrain. The children taking the probiotic had less area in their guts available to the virus for growing, so they had fewer days of symptoms.

Should your preschooler be on probiotics? Yes, but it won’t make that much difference. And don’t think that because you’re slathering them with alcohol sanitizer that they’re noses are virus-free. But do feed them, get them enough sleep, and thank your genetics that your child is able to survive an amazing barrage of viruses and still just have a sniffle.


2 Replies to “Will Probiotics Protect Against Enterovirus 68?”

  1. “…. and thank your genetics that your child is able to survive an amazing barrage of viruses and still just have a sniffle.”

    But is it really about genetics??

    And why do people with a genetic predisposition never acquire the genetic predisposed illness?? – if in fact genes rule?

    And what boggles is that in some cases those people have worse habits than the ill.
    Not such a very scientific theory in my book.
    It;s akin to the water never existing on other planets.
    …What you haven’t proved doesn’t exist paradigm. (I know this particular water in space thought is a lot more difficult to accept without proof, but even the law of probability could have answered that question – billions of galaxies? – one planet with water??? ha! Some things in our faces will spite our nose.)

    It has been found that genes are turned on or off because of the terrain.
    And that is not a new concept. Antoine Béchamp theorized that it is not bacteria the cause of disease, but the terrain or environment. He was not alone at that. Bernard also agreed.

    Bruce Lipton’s work found … ok..I’ll just paste what he said here:
    “So I grew one cell in a petri dish. After a week I had 50,000 stem cells. They are all genetically the same. And then I split them into three different petri dishes and have genetically identical cells in each petri dish. But I change the chemicals in the culture medium in each of the dishes. So in each of the dishes is a slightly different chemistry than in the other one. What happens is that in one dish the cells form muscle. In a second dish the cells form bone and in the third dish the cells form fat cells. Now what controls the fate of the cells? The environment! They are all genetically the same. So if I change the chemistry of the culture medium, I change the fate of the cells.”


    Tthat of belief …. see the work of Joe Dispenza (youtube)… and his brain research… workshops using his belief protocol while electrodes monitoring the brain… many on-site healings (unintended by workshop)… brain scientists visiting on site cannot believe what they see on brain screen. (I have friends who swear by it – I have not been able to get to them : ( but he has DVDs of the program – but I am broke)

    Another interesting work is that of Johan Boswinkelgerman, BIONTOLOGY, developed from the photon light research and work of German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp. Biontology finds and reads the chaotic light of disease via acupuncture meridians (which is now believed to also run through the fascia) reverses the chaos, and feeds that back into the body resolving the condition. Appendixes have been shown to regenerate even.
    Interview of Popp

    Interview Johan by Meredith


    RE: EBOLA:

    A certain form of silver solution (not ionized and colloidal I believe) wipes out ebola – it is in the US Dept of Defense Threat Reduction Agency report 1999 declassified in 2009, supporting Nano Silver as the only cure for Ebola.

    Click to access Analysis-of-DTRA-Nano-Silver-Study.pdf

    http://drrimatruthreports.com/wp-content/uploads/Open-Letter-Ebola-Hope.pdf After this the reason why you might not find all her links:

    I wonder if you can ever have access to that report!

    I myself reversed a 12 year “fibromyalgia” illness that left me bedridden for weeks,,,, chiropractic (One using balancing the endocrine system), peanut oil massages to my spine and muscles, castor oil packs over abdomen and liver, protomorphogens ( gland tissue extract and herbs..adrenals, thymus, hypothalamus ),cleansing and colonic irrigation a la Bernard Jensen, meditation (which I experienced a bright light and love) within 3 months of therapy I was as good as a 10 year old physically, In a year 95% of symptoms (40) gone.
    I also treated my autism spectrum daughter with peanut massages to spine daily and chiro and castor oil packs at 5 1/2 yrs old,,,,,within 3 months and she was looking into my eyes and hugging me!!

    Now one thing that boggles my mind….
    Why do doctors not stand up in unison and demand changes to this system and government AND INSURANCES – as our advocates and guardians of our health!!?!

    WHY allow insurances to dictate how to treat their patients – this is criminal!!

    I had gone to a doctor for severe gastro issues. She wanted to put me on PPIs, but I knew what these do and I had already a diagnosis of osteopenia, which you should not prescribe PPIs as these CAUSE osteoporosis. She also refused to send me for diagnostic tests to see if the problem was more severe than “acid reflux” (I could have had cancer of the stomach or pancreas – as my mothr had) She replied my insurance would not pay her – she had to follow procedures – prescribe, try and see, i replied the insurance doesnt pay YOU for lab work or MRIs ,your visit will be paid for. She replied to go change my insurance because if she did not follow this insurance’s procedures she will be kicked out of the insurance!!

    so in effect – what are doctors following?? Nazism??

    HOW do they live with themselves??? Fully cognizant…. fully KNOWING…they are perpetuating disease????
    Everyone just goes about their business as if nothing is wrong with this.
    Such a misuse of their power as doctors!!! Being led by one or two doctors – The Zsars – overseeing insurance.


    Is this the reason they are given such grueling schedules in residency?? To not have time to reflect on what they are asked to do?? Sleep deprivation is a mind control tool.

    Really… Ive worked the night and graveyard shift and 3 day work weeks. A better job at rotating shifts IS possible. This is all BS.

    any way… those are my thoughts and experience. i blog the crap out of it everywhere i go – we MUST inform the public!

    The only way to start changing this paradigm is for us patients to get together and make demands – of medicine, scientists and government.
    I don’t see this happening by patients anywhere. Perhaps The American Association of Patients?

    We MUST demand a change to the law of only synthetics treating illness . I see no other way than that being the HUMAN DEMAND. Most humans dont even know this law.
    Ive got to do something before my death : )

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