Posted by: Chris Maloney | October 5, 2014

Does Drinking Cow’s Milk Cause Anemia In Kids?

Today’s Source from the Kennebec Journal had an article by

Laura McCandlish discussing whether drinking cow’s milk might cause anemia in young children. Her thoughts were based on observation, and I was surprised she wasn’t able to get a solid answer from her pediatricians. Here’s the link to the Source article.

The starting point would be a search of Pubmed (here) for articles on: “milk, anemia, infants.” That search retrieves 647 results. The sixth result is entitled: “Severe Iron-Deficiency Anemia Still an Issue in Toddlers.” In the abstract (here) it mentions that “despite public health efforts, severe IDA  (iron deficiency anemia) remains a problem in toddlers and is associated with excess milk consumption.”

The primary symptoms noted were: “fatigue, poor appetite, and pica,” and children drank between 24 and 64 ounces of milk daily.

So the answer is yes, excessive drinking of cow’s milk is directly linked to iron deficiency anemia. There is a public health push to bring this information to everyone.


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