Posted by: Chris Maloney | May 16, 2014

Your Hormonal Gut: Can Bile Trigger Weight Loss and Cholesterol Lowering?

If you’ve followed me at all, you know I’m all about hormones and weight loss. Going simply with calories in/calories out oversimplifies to the point of being just wrong.

We have a new study examining the effects of bile on bacteria growth. In mice, Drs. Gahan and Joyce found that a bacterial protein modifies the bile salts in the gut. The effect? “specifically increasing levels of this protein reduces serum cholesterol levels and weight gain.”

The next step is to work on human trials, but clearly the effects of the bacteria in our gut are highly under-appreciated. Gone are the days when a broad-spectrum antibiotic should be given without at least a course of yogurt or sauerkraut afterward. But instead we see the growth of MRSA, as careless practitioners prescribe one without the other, leaving a vacuum in the lower intestines likely to be filled by the latest hospital bacteria du jour.

Interestingly, we will see what the shift to easy gall bladder surgeries does to the interaction between bacteria and bile salts. Less bile, less effect, and more weight gain? Only time will tell.


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