Simpleology, A Matter of Lists and Changing Brain Patterns.

If you don’t know about Simpleology, it’s likely that you will consider it too simple to work.  The basic idea is that you make a list of things to do, and then do them.  It’s a free program, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have tremendous value.

If you’ve tried Simpleology, you’ve likely given up very soon in the process, because for some bizarre reason the first section of the program (the white belt) is both very long and repeats the same lessons over and over exactly. Yes, exactly, with no variation.  I only got through it by fast forwarding the videos to the end every time.  Otherwise my brain would have turned to mush.

But if you stick with Simpleology, it has a great advantage over the lists all of you put on sticky notes and paste different places.  We all have those lists, and we all know that many things on those lists do not get done.  We also know that we either eventually do them in a frenzy of guilt, or just forget about them.  That’s the huge advantage of Simpleology: deliberate it as an option. You can put that distasteful task off, not forever, but for a while, and not forget it. For that reason alone it’s worth using this free program.

The key to using a program like Simpleology is to do it every day.  By focusing on the program, we get minor improvements in our functioning.  Those improvements lead to things shifting that haven’t shifted in years. Not because anything has really changed except our focus. But that focus becomes sharper, and you get better at figuring out what is important to you. You might even find yourself thinking: “this sidetrack to (insert fast food restaurant here) isn’t on my plan or on my list.” At that moment you realize that you’ve changed your brain. Very simple, very important, and life changing.

Here’s a video, so you can watch that instead of signing up. Or you can sign up instead, skip over any videos you don’t need, and start making lists.


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