How Do You Get Arsenic Out Of Children?

If you’ve been following the Maine news recently, we have a problem. Even low doses of arsenic seem to affect our children, lowering their intelligence.  (Whole study here).

The newest study is just one of a series of reports of problems in Maine.  Back in 2011 I talked about the KJ reporting elevated arsenic levels in well water. (here)

So if you have, like most parents, gotten tested, gotten a filter, and discussed chelation (the removal of heavy metals using chemicals) with your doctor, what now?

Chances are pretty good that unless the arsenic is relatively high your doctor won’t want your child on chelation.  It takes out the bad and the good metals (like iron), so you don’t want a child on that long-term.  And it doesn’t tend to work on low, chronic exposures. An acute poisoning, yes, but not a long-term drip.  The drips get incorporated into bone and other tissue, and won’t be flushed out easily.

One of the least obvious things we don’t often think of doing is going back to school. While the arsenic affected intelligence, parental intelligence accounted for most of the differences between children.  So if you are thinking about a second degree or just taking classes, it has a trickle-down effect.

The second thing we are doing has other health implications, but having a higher body fat means less arsenic is active in the system.  I don’t recommend this, but we are doing it as a population (welder study here).

If you’d like to go a healthier direction, a high fiber diet, and one with flax seeds, decreases arsenic toxicity in the body. (rat study here)

Having enough selenium to maintain glutathione is helpful, because arsenic goes through a variety of changes in the gut and glutathione keeps it at bay. (rat study here).

If all that sounds a little complex, there is a simpler solution.  In countries where there is not chelation or even filtration as an option, arsenic sufferers can use homeopathics.  (here) In terms of toxicity, a good homeopathic prescribed by a doctor means the needs of chronic sufferers.

Tell me what you think!

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