Posted by: Chris Maloney | February 24, 2014

Online Alternative Articles: Naturopathic Doctor News & Review Now Free Online.

So much of the content will be dense and contain medical terms.  But an invested layperson can get some pretty good, evidence-based alternative information.  

Here, for example, is my discussion of having gall bladders removed.  Article here.

If you’ve got an issue, and don’t have a Naturopathic Doctor nearby, searching the archives for your illness is a lot better than just googling it.  If someone has covered it you will get a summary of information, with both conventional and alternative treatments, and with medline research summarized for your doctor at the bottom.

Here’s the archive, for free, as a resource: NDNR. Go to the home page and do a custom google search for a specific topic.  For general browsing, head to the library, and for area searches go to the archives.

Happy reading!


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