Posted by: Chris Maloney | February 21, 2014

How Can I Live To Be One Hundred?

Only 10% is your genes.

If you haven’t got the twenty minutes it takes to watch the Ted Talk (below) I will paraphrase.  First, there is no diet or exercise program that you need to follow.  Instead, there are some basic lifestyle changes you need to do.

First: move naturally.  Don’t use all the modern conveniences of life.  Garden, take the stairs.  Clean your own house.  Every day do something useful.

Second: Have a rhythm.  Don’t let other people decide your time.  Have down times every week.  Know why you’re getting up every morning, and stick to it despite all the new cat videos.  It helps to have some sort of religious group.

Third: Connect to other people.  Serve others, take care of others. Put your family first. Belong to something, and choose the right people to hang out with.

We’re talking about the difference, on average, of ten years.  These are the basis, the core of your life.  Anything else you do on top of this is just adding a few months here and there. Except, as Dan Buettner says, cultivating the right friends.

Here’s the Ted Talk:


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