Posted by: Chris Maloney | February 10, 2014

Is When You Eat More Important Than What You Eat?

Ok, it’s just a mouse study, but read on: in just ten days the mice lowered their liver triglycerides (take sugar and start turning it into fat, that’s what you get) by 50%!  And no, this wasn’t reported in Women’s World, it was a freak result found by researchers studying circadian rhythms (when we naturally sleep and are awake).  Now, the researchers were pretty excited: “no currently available drugs have been shown to change lipid accumulation as efficiently and drastically as simply adjusting meal time” (science daily) (study here)

Not only that, but no diet on the market can claim to do anything similar.  So let’s speculate for a moment.  What on earth could be going on here?  In western science we have no idea.  Nothing in the nutrition literature really says anything more than: “breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord, and supper like a peasant.”  But in the mice, they were allowed to eat only at night, which is a big no-no for humans.  In the wild, mice do eat about 80% of their food at night, but these mice were not allowed to eat during the day.  So what’s going on here?

Western science might just have figured this out, but elsewhere in the world they might have known about this for a very long time.  In Chinese medicine, there is a thing called the organ clock (just google “organ clock chinese medicine” for multiple options).  Here’s one from Independent Spirituality:

If you look at the meridian clock, we have to wonder if the mice in the study didn’t just eat their food at night, but if they ate their food between one and three am, knowing full well that they would be deprived of food all day.

If that’s the case, then -depending on the different organs- we might have an entirely new way of thinking about weight loss.



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