Posted by: Chris Maloney | January 7, 2014

And The Best Diet Is….

You’ve got to love the U.S. News and World Report’s new diet ranking.  They go through all these markers and leave off the most important factors.  The reality is that what they found was that older, more established diets are more favored by older, more established diet experts.  Not that surprising really.

By defining diets with a long-term endpoint of two years, U.S. News avoids the unfortunate reality that no diet on their list gives statistically consistent weight loss over five years.  (I know, it’s depressing.  That’s why everyone focuses on short-term rather than life-long change. Here’s a recent meta-analysis.)

It’s like the ranking of colleges.  We see all sorts of information, but not something critical like: “how much money were graduates earning five years out?” or “how many graduates were happy with their education five years out?” Those sorts of statistics would shine an entirely new light on colleges.

But the best diet is, not surprisingly, the DASH diet.  It stomps paleo, and even beats out the Mediterranean diet, although I suspect if they made people eat at the speed they do in the Mediterranean that diet would win hands down.

Here’s the ranking, just in time for the New Year. (Here)  Hopefully you can find and cheer on your favorite diet.  I hear that the betting on next year’s pick has already begun.  Will it be the “raw blood vegan” or the “no nothing except bruised arugula in cayenne”?


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