Will There Be Enough Doctors?

Group of Doctors, Regents, and Students Captio...
Group of Doctors, Regents, and Students Caption : GROUP OF DOCTORS, REGENTS, AND STUDENTS. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Short answer: no.

Longer answer:

Reuters reported a study (article here) that the need for doctors will increase by a third by the year 2025.  These demands vary depending on which state you live in, but we should be clear that we don’t have enough doctors now.

In response to a 2006 study that found that we need another 90,000 doctors by 2010, medical schools increased enrollments and four new medical schools opened.  They needed to increase enrollments by 30% and increased enrollment by 10%. We have more students, but Congress needs to increase the amount of money available to pay for residencies, because without that more students will simply be applying for the same number of residencies.

If we do the simple math:  need 30%, maybe getting 10% if Congress passes a budget to fund new residencies, it seems pretty clear that we need other professions and other countries to fill the gap.

Tell me what you think!

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