Posted by: Chris Maloney | October 10, 2013

What Works for Tinnitus?

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus Treatment (Photo credit: gurucrusher)

I’ve written about the constant selling of Lipo-Flavonoids for tinnitus,  (see original post here) and concluded there wasn’t much support for them as a cure.  In response, I’ve gotten emails asking me what would work.

Short answer: it depends on why you have tinnitus.

Longer answer: Let’s look at medline reports.  All original links back to the abstracts are given on the word study.

Let’s start with the standard drug therapies.  We have a small study on the use of Clonazepam which says it works for tinnitus while Ginkgo biloba does not.  A study review of all drugs done back in 2006 found: “no compelling evidence suggesting the efficacy of any pharmacological agent in the treatment of tinnitus.” So maybe they found a drug that worked since then, but nothing with a major study behind it.

As for Ginkgo, it might be a possibility if you have dementia or a brain reason for the tinnitus.  A Cochrane review study said it wasn’t effective generally, but did reduce tinnitus for that sort of patient.  There are numerous older studies, many of them supportive of a specific Ginkgo extract,

If we’re looking at small studies for support, a tiny study of a homeopathic called Clear Tinnitus found: “a significant difference for the patients (7 of 11) obtaining tinnitus relief.”  These results were not confirmed by objective testing, but subjectively patients felt better.

So what approach should patients use? In a larger study, which included the Ginkgo extract as one of the treatments, the “most effective treatment was defined as a combination of Cavinton and physiotherapy.”  Even with this combination of therapies, only subjective improvement was noted, not objective (lab tested ) improvement. But using a combination of therapies after finding the reason for your specific tinnitus seems like a fruitful route to possible improvement.




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