Does Shopping For Gas Save Money?

English: Bradley gas station along US285 in En...
English: Bradley gas station along US285 in Englewood, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Surprisingly for me, the answer is yes.  I live in a town where gas prices fluctuate as much as a nickel within a few miles, and I have a car that gets good gas mileage. Now, my savings were $0.41, so I might need to factor in that fact that I probably won’t be making the journey because of time. 

Bankrate has done up a nice calculator (here) that doesn’t necessarily factor in all the variables.  For example, the calculater asks what your total tank capacity is, as if you would travel to the gas station with an entirely empty tank. If I calculate me filling up a half-tank vs. a full tank, my overall savings for traveling three miles to get a nickel off is: $0.01.  Whoops, either I need to let it go empty, or I need to call off the search for the cheaper gas.

As gas hits four dollars a gallon, we’re all going to need to look at how to avoid buying more gas rather than trying to pay a little less for it.  I’m still hoping for a cheaper electric to hit the market soon. 


Tell me what you think!

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