Posted by: Chris Maloney | September 1, 2013

This Just In: Diets Don’t Matter, Lifestyles Do.


Légumes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those following the diet wars, I remember when Atkins was the enemy. We’ve come so far to the protein-loving right of that, that now Paleo and even hardcore raw (yes, raw meat) seem reasonable. For the true Paleo aficionados, I’ve written before on girly-man Paleo vs. the real thing (run down your own meat or don’t eat it).

In a new twist, an editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association now says that you can do any diet you want, but it won’t make much difference. Instead, you need to change your lifelong eating habits, ie., your lifestyle.

I’ve been saying as much for pretty much the entire time I’ve looked at diet. So it’s nice to have some support.

The biggest hurtles to staying on a lifelong lifestyle change are the following:

1) having no time to cook or exercise. (Hello? How many of you spend thirty minutes a day on facebook. Not conversing, just browsing aimlessly. That’s an exercise routine and a hot meal.)

2) being stressed (Yes, the world is full of difficult and terrible things. Maybe it is time for us all to do a fast.  A news fast.  Three days of no news, followed by just the local news. Build up a tolerance for the daily assault of death and destruction.)

3) having family members bring junk food home (penalize these people and explain that will power begins with not having things in the house).

4) not having an exercise partner and feeling awkward working out (I recommend home dancing, even dancing in your chair. If you don’t have any music, you can look for world wide radio stations online.)

5) feeling hungry all the time (Eat your body weight in salad. Eat your body weight in dense, real food that you cook yourself and get directly from a local farmer.  If you still crave the dyed and processed non-foods, then consult with someone.)


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