Bad Oral Hygiene Causes Cancer Now? What Can We Do?

Age-standardised death rates from Colon and re...
Age-standardised death rates from Colon and rectum cancers by country (per 100,000 inhabitants). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s the Science Daily Article.
I thought I’d got all my risks covered, or at least knew about them, but now I find that poor oral hygiene might give me colon cancer.

And then today I found out that poor oral hygiene can contribute to HPV infection and throat cancer. We need to get these bad things out of our mouths.

The problem in this case is an overgrowth of fusobacteria. Too much of those bad bacteria can equate to cancer because the little buggers adhere to the wall of the colon, attracting immune cells and causing cellular changes that can lead to cancer.

Rather than wait for the conclusive studies on how bad these are, what can we do about them? We need to figure out how to get them out of our systems.

So is it time to break out the mouthwash? Not so fast. The mouthwashes kill the bacteria, but they grow right back. A study found no significant difference in the “microbiota” after mouthwash.

They are coming up with a “halitosis vaccine” which targets how the fusobacteria attaches to the gums. I can’t imagine how excited they are about the possibility of preventing colon cancer as well.

Antibiotics seem to have a mixed effect on fusibacteria, with many reports showing that they overgrow after taking antibiotics.

You’d be better off adding probiotics, which do seem to compete with the fusobacteria and drop the population in your mouth.

And let’s not forget the promising work on blackberry extract, which seems to inhibit the growth of fusibacteria while not negatively impacting good bacteria.  Or you could eat blackberries, but make sure you eat a lot.


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