Posted by: Chris Maloney | August 16, 2013

Added Sugar, Infertility, And Dying: The Anti-Soda Pop Study

Pet Mice

Pet Mice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Huffington Post article here.

Let’s start by saying these were mice, not people. If the study subjects had been people, we’d be looking at some serious class action lawsuits.

These mice were fed sugar. Not gobs of the stuff, just 25% more than they should have. About the equivalent for humans of three sodas a day.

The mice did not become obese, they didn’t develop metabolic syndrome. The female mice had fewer babies and died at twice the normal rate. The male mice did not reproduce as much.

What was the effect of the extra sugar? “Those effects the researchers did see, however, were just as harmful to the mice’s health as being the inbred offspring of two cousins.” Say what?

I really hope someone tries to duplicate this study and fails, because if the results hold, then we’ve been doing that to ourselves as a population for several generations. Here’s the link to the original abstract. I’m too cheap to buy the whole article, and the abstract confirms the reported results.



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