How Can I Add Three Years To My Life?

A Matter of Life and Death (film)
A Matter of Life and Death (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh, come on, you know this one.

What can you do every day that will add three years to your life?

Eat your fruits and vegetables.

But what if you smoke?  Doesn’t matter.

What if you’re overweight?  Doesn’t matter.

Man vs. woman?  Nope?

What if you get exercise? Does not matter.

People who never ate fruits and vegetables died three years sooner than those who ate their five servings a day.  Here’s the study.

Now, what drug or supplement can you take that will give you that sort of result? You can’t, it doesn’t exist.

We have nothing that will give everyone a boost of three years of life.  Maybe if you have a life threatening disease, you can take a specific pill that will support you, but it won’t work on your entire family.  But eating your five servings a day will help everyone.

But you can’t eat five a day? Guess what, eating just one serving a day gave you an average of 19 months more life.  So start now.


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