Posted by: Chris Maloney | July 15, 2013

How Can I Double My Baby’s Risk of Diabetes?


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It’s very simple. Feed your baby solid foods before four months rather than at six.

Before six months, a child’s immune system hasn’t fully developed, so the risk of developing autoimmune reactions to things like foods goes way up.

Why would parents’ give their child solids too soon? Because the mother isn’t breastfeeding, and once you’ve made the transition to formula, it just takes a little jump to adding solid foods for your baby.

We live in a very strange age where breastfeeding is preferable, but officially formula is just as good.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that formula will never hold a candle to breast milk, because breast milk transfers over the mother’s immunity to the baby.  As your child cycles up its own immune system, the mother’s milk acts as a buffer to allow things to come online without overreacting to something like cow’s milk insulin.

Here’s the link to the study.  The study also noted that the first foods parents really shouldn’t give is fruit.  Early exposure to fruit and later exposure to rice/oats also doubled the risk of diabetes.


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