Posted by: Chris Maloney | June 5, 2013

Will Homeopathy Help Heal Your Bones?

dose globules de 1 gramme

dose globules de 1 gramme (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The standard discussion of homeopathy always includes the idea that something so dilute has nothing in it. In the past year we’ve gotten beyond that to show that there are indeed partial particles in the homeopathics. But are they at all useful?

Randomized, controlled trials are the name of the game. In a small study of broken ankles, researchers found significant healing in the homeopathy group over the placebo group.

“Faster healing was reported in the homeopathy group by week 9 following injury, including significant improvement in fracture line (p < 0.0001), fracture edge (p<0.0001), callous formation (p< 0.05) and fracture union (p< 0.0001) in comparison to placebo. There was also lower use of analgesics and less self-reported pain in the homeopathy group.”

So what is the downside of using homeopathics in a ankle fracture?  The cost of a visit and the remedy.  Given health care costs, someone should run the cost/benefit of having an ankle function sooner with less pain.


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