Who Does Dr. Oz’s Three Day Detox?

The Dr. Oz Show logo
The Dr. Oz Show logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, it’s finally detox season here in Maine, which happens right after we finally have to take our snow tires off at the end of April.  I tend to do one day detoxes, involving not eating and then breaking my fast with vegetables.

But evidently I’m not thinking big enough.  Dr. Oz has a three day detox that involves a range of things.

Day One:  Go shopping for a bunch of things.  The top of Dr. Oz’s page says it will cost me $16 dollars a day or a total of $48 for everything.  Can we go through the list, please?

Three cups raspberries (3 packs-$4 a pack) $12

Three cups blueberries (2 packs-$4 a pack) $8

Two mangos ($1.50 each) $3

One pineapple ($3)

A bunch more fruit ($20)

A bunch of teas ($20)

And three supplements:  multivitamin, omega 3, and probiotic.  Each of these alone will be at least $20.  So I put a very conservative $120 for three days, minimum.

But it’s worth it, because we’re detoxing.

The detox involves seven events, including the preparation of three drinks a day, possibly more.  There are also multiple cups of tea to prepare.  So unless you live at home or have a blender and a refrigerator handy, you can forget this detox.  You also need a claw foot bathtub and an hour to soak every night, so forget having a family life as well.

So I have no family, I live alone in my house and never leave, and I can do the detox.  how effective is this at detoxing me?

Not terribly.  Given the amount of stuff coming in, your liver won’t have a chance to really get ahead of the game.  The liver does best when it is given a break, and can decrease the amount of ammonia (a natural breakdown product of our muscles, and what makes up the urea in our urine) by about 40% with an 18 hour water fast.  That’s eating dinner and skipping breakfast for the busy person.  What I would call this is a antioxidant diet, which has its own rewards, but isn’t really a true detox program.




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