Season Affects Cholesterol Levels: Humans Discover They Are Still Animals.

Maine coon cat
Maine coon cat (Photo credit: fox_kiyo)

One of the ongoing issues I have with a Maine winter is that we have our gluttony season (also known as the holidays) and then we all expect to lose the weight. That’s right, January 1st, right in the middle of a snowstorm, we’re all going to start running like crazy and starving ourselves and that will be good for us.

So now a journal article (the Scientific American, here) has finally checked what I have assumed, cholesterol levels fluctuate with the seasons. Of course they do. Thicker blood doesn’t freeze as fast. That’s probably a big reason we have so much familial hypercholesteremia here in Maine. (For the less medical, there are whole families in Maine who have cholesterols that run in the three hundreds and don’t respond to medications. They have a lot of heart disease, but have blood that thick meant that they could go out and work in the woods longer. Or maybe all the thinner blooded people moved south.)

Yes, we are still animals, and despite all of our furless airs, we still suffer from winter fattening. All we need to do now is adjust the rest of our lives to the seasons and see if we stay constant rather than going up and up.


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