Dr. Oz Discussion of the HCG Diet: Difference In Muscle Mass?

Muscles! (Photo credit: Unlisted Sightings)

I missed the episode where a doctor is doing new trials on the HCG diet and announcing her results on the Dr. Oz show.  I think it’s great to do research, but usually you run that research by a group of your peers before you announce positive results on national television.  It also helps that she’s renamed the HCG diet Dr. Emma’s HCG Diet, which ought to help book sales.

Her assertion is that only the injectable form is active, because her patients showed no changes in HCG blood levels after taking oral HCG.

In the trial, the placebo group lost more weight than those on HCG, but also lost more muscle mass. Again, she’s asserting that the maintenance of muscle mass is going to lead to permanent weight loss? It sounds a great deal like what Dr. Atkins promised us. The reality is that patients coming off a five hundred calorie diet are more than likely to start putting pounds back on over time. Over time in this case is five years, at which point no diet regime has been shown to work. It isn’t that you can’t lose the weight, it’s that permanent weight loss means permanent changes.

If you want to know why you shouldn’t just start eating a five hundred calorie diet, please keep in mind that at that level you are facing all the “side effects” of starvation, which can include death.   For another official take from the Dr. Oz Show, have a look at the Harvard researcher’s take.


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