Taylor’s Stroke of Insight: The Brain and Inner Peace.

Jill Bolte Taylor speaking at TED on February ...
Jill Bolte Taylor speaking at TED on February 27, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having listened to her incredible book, I was struck by Jill Bolte Taylor‘s Ted Talk.  Ten million people have watched it, but that leaves hundreds of millions of others who need to have a look.

Seriously, if you are spiritual, have a look.  If you are an atheist, have a look.  What she says about her stroke is a perfect connection between spirituality and the physical body.  So often we have discussions about spiritual matters without thinking about the anatomy involved.  Or we discuss the brain based on studies and not personal experience.  Here we have personal experience, a spiritual experience/stroke experience, from a PhD neuroanatomist who lived to tell about it.

What is missing from the Ted Talk and is in her book is just how incredibly hard it was for Taylor to come back.  In a complete rejection of the standard  model, Taylor took eight years before she was able to do math again.  Under the standard model (one year) she would never have recovered.  Watch her TED talk here: Author of My Stroke of Insight.


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