Curing Autism: Intense Early Intervention Can Normalize Brain Scans.

Autism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember the days when we used to splint broken bones for six months.  The idea was that it was better to have a totally healed bone and who cares if the entire limb was atrophied?  We also used to just do supportive care for stroke victims.  What was lost was considered lost.  Now, with the advent of such great books as My Stroke of Insight, we know that aggressive intervention is extremely helpful.  (The author of that book regained her ability to do mathematics EIGHT years after her stroke.)

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that early intervention in Autism cases can make a profound difference in outcomes.  In an article in the Journal of Family Practice, researchers found that intense early behavioral intervention changed the outcome of brain scans.  It also gave  “improvements in ASD symptoms, IQ, language, and adaptive and social behaviors.”

I was particularly struck by the phrase: “early behavioral intervention is associated with normalized brain activity patterns.”  Once we’ve normalized brain patterns, isn’t that getting really close to a cure?

Remember, this was just intensive behavioral intervention.  Can you imagine the outcomes if we combined this with intensive dietary and lifestyle changes within the family structure?


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