Nonlinear Allergic Response: Dust Mites Causing Hand Eruptions and Eczema.

House dust mite (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinu...
House dust mite (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus) . More information here:… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we think about dust mite allergy, everyone thinks about breathing problems.  Maybe even allergic rhinitis and even migraines or sinus issues.  But you’d be hard pressed to find even an expert tying dust mites to a hand eruption.

That is exactly what a new study found.  After inhaling dust mites, patients experienced a delayed asthmatic reaction and then had increased vesicles appear on their palms.  So the body really does react as a single unit.  Perhaps it is time for us to stop treating it like separate little pieces that don’t relate to each other.

Increase in vesicular hand eczema after house dust mite inhalation provocation: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study

Contact Dermatitis, 11/01/2012

Schuttelaar MLA et al. – To investigate the effect of inhalation of house dust mite (HDM) on vesicular hand eczema. Hand eczema increased significantly more after HDM provocation than after placebo provocation. An increase in the number of vesicles was preceded by late asthmatic reactions. The group patients with an increase of hand eczema tended to have a higher mean total IgE level.


3 Replies to “Nonlinear Allergic Response: Dust Mites Causing Hand Eruptions and Eczema.”

  1. I get itchy whenever I go into a thrift store and I’ve always figured I was allergic to the dust or something. It’s usually my exposed skin, like my hands, that get itchy. Just recently it was my completely clothed leg that started itching and that seemed odd. I always assumed it was the contact of the dust on my skin causing the problem- but this is saying that the inhalation is causing the reaction? That would make more sense in regards to my leg.

  2. I find that the histamine response tends to go where it is caught by the bloodstream. So in this case I would expect your leg, particularly that area, to have decreased blood flow. The histamine can enter, but it can’t leave quickly, so some of it generates a response.

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