Posted by: Chris Maloney | September 17, 2012

Weight Loss Techniques That Work -Some Variation of the Gabriel Method


Evaporation.jpg (Photo credit: Noel A. Tanner)

One of the most disturbing things to me about my own weight loss journey continues to be my ability to lose a pound and a half in an hour simply by lying down and saying positive things to myself.  No bowel movements, no sweating, just weight evaporation.

If you’ve read any of the things I’ve written about weight loss, I am firmly in the hormones rule weight camp.  Calories are incidental, its how the body processes those calories.

But the ability of my body to simply drop weight by lying down and being positive is frankly eerie.  And this is from someone who thinks it is “normal” to gain sixteen pounds in a weekend from eating out (salt does a terrible number on my metabolism).  It’s going to take some time before I’m comfortable letting my body mass evaporate away into thin air.

The Gabriel Method takes this a BIG step further by focusing on the emotional need to feel safe and makes that the centerpiece of the weight loss problem.  Gabriel falls into the trap of trying to make himself all scientific when his real story is that it worked for him.  He doesn’t really need any studies to support himself, just his before and after picture and the fact that nothing else short of surgery is terribly effective.  If your issue is primarily one of emotional eating, this Method makes a lot more sense than anything calorie based.  But it won’t cure someone with serious hormonal issues or deficiencies.  As long as you consider positive affirmations as part of a comprehensive picture of fundamentally changing your life, then you should see some results.

In full disclosure, I have not yet gotten or followed the book, and so far have only one patient testimonial.  So maybe wait a few weeks until I get myself through the program and I’ll let you know if I evaporated anything more.



  1. I agree ; when I became more conscious of the type of calories going into my body, the excess weight and skin inflammations dissipated completely 🙂

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